#5. Reflex Mastercard – Best for Credit Rewards

#5. Reflex Mastercard – Best for Credit Rewards

If you are looking for the best credit cards for bad credit for improving your credit score, then FIT Mastercard might be the best solution for you. The card is by Continental Finance and is issued by the Bank of Missouri. FIT Mastercard is targeted towards people who have a bad credit score, as it can assist you to rebuild it in just six months.


  • Application process

If you need funds and credit score improvement, payday loans in Marion OH then you can visit the Continental Finance website and fill the online application form. To do so, you need to enter some essential information such as full name, home address, city, state you live in, zip code, date of birth, email, SSN, phone number, monthly income, and the source of income. To get accepted, you need to be at least 18 years old and have an active checking account.

  • Who can use the FIT Mastercard?

This quality credit card is suitable for people with both fair credit and poor credit scores and even for people without a credit history. Correspondingly, people with bad credit scores can be easily accepted and improve their credit score in six months.

It is also suitable for people who don’t have enough funds for taking a secure credit card. What is more, the company also reports your activity to the major credit bureaus, which can significantly positively impact your credit score.

Moreover, the cardholders can access their FICO score when needed, which is very important. The reason for this is that monitoring your credit score is the right way to improve it.

  • Credit limit, fees, and APR

The credit limit for a FIT Mastercard is $400, but it can reach $800 if you manage to pay the first six monthly payments on time. A significant thing to mention is that a security deposit is not required.

However, there are certain fees that you need to pay since the FIT Mastercard is not a secure card. There is an annual fee of $99, a foreign transaction fee of $3, and a cash advance fee of $5. Furthermore, for late or returned payments, you can be charged up to $40.

Additionally, once you register and start using the card, you will be charged a processing fee of $89 annually and $6.25 monthly for card maintenance after the first year. If you also want to get additional credit cards, the fee is $30. When it comes to APR, the card has a % APR variable on purchases.

  • Low eligibility requirements
  • Accepts wide range of credit scores
  • Mobile app
  • Provides Mastercard Zero Fraud Liability Protection
  • The cardholders are subjects to many fees
  • Higher APR than some other cards

Customer experience

Customers like that you can use this credit card everywhere Mastercard is accepted, and they also like that you can get accepted even if your credit score is not ideal. Among the positive comments, we found comments about the free 24/7 access to your account. Users also like that FIT Mastercards reports your activity to major bureaus, and they also like that Continental Finance uses encryption technology to secure the client’s data.

Reflex Mastercard is another quality credit card by Continental Finance, which is one of America’s leading marketers for credit cards. The card is suitable for people whose credit score is poor, but they want to improve it. The Reflex Mastercard is an unsecured card with plenty of options for users. What is more, this credit card can be used anywhere Mastercard is approved, even internationally.

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