Eric Escobar are a Principal expert at SecureWorks

Eric Escobar are a Principal expert at SecureWorks

Their projects usually include a combination of Raspberry Pis, 3D publishing, cordless technology and possibly also a rocket or two. Before the guy began chasing after shells, Eric procured a Bachelor’s and grasp’s level in Civil technology. The guy today likes everything cordless, from Wi-fi, to SDR and Ham broadcast. Their personnel consecutively claimed beginning at DEF CON 23 and 24’s Wireless CTF, snagging a black badge on the way.


This demonstration will dive into hacking wireless safety programs within lots of domestic properties. A number of common wireless detectors become vunerable to a wide range of weaknesses including denial of provider problems, replay problems and facts disclosures. Devices that identify motion, smoking, drinking water leakage, gas leakages and open doors make use of similar weak interaction protocols. Weak points throughout these detectors can provide a juicy target to a tech wise thief. With a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, it is possible to exploit these weaknesses as well as create your very own sturdy home security system. With this system, you’ll be able to personalize text message notifications and identify a denial of services assault. This presentation will discuss just how to take advantage of these vulnerabilities and the ways to use the exact same exploits to protect contrary to the dark arts.

Presenter: Keoni Gandall About Keoni: Keoni Gandall- 18 year-old biohacker, frequents DIYbio community forums under alias “”Koeng””. Worked at UCI for 4 years in guided evolution research. Likes DNA, BSD, and freedom.

Automating Physical Home Security through Hacking

Take part in several challenges demystifying the idea of storing Bitcoins inside of DNA. Continue reading