Erza was born in Rosee lay where Kagura and you can Simon lived given that children

Erza was born in Rosee lay where Kagura and you can Simon lived given that children

She is actually enslaved because of the cult and you can compelled to build this new Tower off Heaven, a pattern build for the intended purpose of resurrecting the brand new Ebony Mage, Zeref. She try imprisoned plus another slaves, most of them was indeed people. Of those students was Jellal Fernandes, Sho, Simon, Wally Buchanan, and Millianna. While they was basically inquiring one another for their labels, she mentioned that the lady identity was just “Erza”, thus Jellal age “Scarlet” once this lady vivid red locks so they really would never ignore it. Despite the harsh conditions of the lady enslavement and you may labor, Erza turned into best friends for the most other college students. She as well as molded a powerful thread having Rob, an older Mage on the Fairy End Guild, which trained her on Wonders along with his guild.

With her attention cured Erza destroyed rips off happiness, and this merely came out from the woman genuine, kept eyes, though Erza did not brain as she said she had currently missing half this lady tears

1 day inside the X776, Sho created plans on 11-year-dated Erza as well as their friends to flee regarding tower. These were regrettably caught of the guards, which chose to upload the latest escape’s genius on the tower’s disciplinary chamber, because the others will be deprived of restaurants for three months. Viewing exactly how fearful Sho was, Erza ready to make fault herself, but Jellal established himself due to the fact genius rather. Although not, the brand new guards reasoned you to definitely Erza is usually the one in charge and delivered the woman on the disciplinary chamber, where she is tortured into the brink away from passing and forgotten the woman proper attention. Jellal saved the lady, however, is seized following. In the end sick and tired of the torment, Erza staged a good revolt facing the captors so they really you’ll avoid and rescue Jellal.

The brand new revolt appeared as if winning during the their the beginning until the tower’s Mages arrived to repress this new slaves, resulting in the almost every other submissives so you can haven. In assault, Erza noticed from inside the horror given that the woman buddy Simon’s down mouth is actually blasted off because of the a magical assault, when you’re Rob sacrificed himself to guard Erza regarding several other Mage’s assault. Within her anger, Erza’s latent Wonders Power is activated for the first time, and you may she used it to turn all of the thrown away firearms and you can units as much as the lady contrary to the shields, completing brand new revolt.

When Rosemary Town is attacked because of the an excellent Zeref-after the cult, Erza managed to conserve Kagura out-of need because of the concealing this lady to the a cage, however, had trapped herself because of this

Since the most other submissives boarded vessels designed to verify the versatility, she reunited having Jellal, however, learned that he previously altered; the type and compassionate guy she know your to-be is actually all of a sudden twisted and you may unlawful, playing with Miracle to massacre this new defenseless shields to him or her. Jellal ended up being owned by what the guy advertised to get the fresh heart away from Zeref, and you can decided that the best way so they are able to get genuine freedom were to finish the Tower out-of Heaven and you will revive Zeref. Erza refused to assist him, prompting Jellal in order to shed the girl from the tower by herself, only enabling the woman alive due to the fact she aided look after all the the fresh new shields who would has opposed him. Prior to permitting their escape, Jellal informed Erza to save new Tower off Paradise webpage a secret about authorities, also to never ever go back to new tower, threatening so you’re able to wreck new tower and you will eliminate individuals involved, as well as their friends, if she disobeyed.

Just after washing up on beaches from Fiore, Erza generated her solution to and you can joined the latest Fairy End Guild. She habitually started to don armour and you may acted faraway regarding the other people. Once Gray, whom tried choosing matches on the reclusive Erza, noticed her sobbing by herself and you can questioned as to why, she started to open in order to this lady guildmates a great deal more. For this time, Fairy Tail’s grasp Makarov introduced Erza observe Porlyusica, who offered the woman a fake eyes to restore the one she missing.

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