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Moldavian New Year a new wrapping paper by Celia Ward, based on her observations of carnival customs in villages with fantastical costumes

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Wrapping paper,
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Pollock’s Victorian Advent CalendarA delightfully different Advent Calendar, based on toy theatre pantomime scenery and characters. 12×6.5ins (A3), with gift wrapper.

1. Columbine and Harlequin 1824 4x6ins2. The Dolls’ Tea Party c.1910 4x7ins
3. Pollock’s New Fairies, c.1880 5x5ins
4. The Endless Not of Love, 1842, 5x6ins
5. Edwin Smith’s Theatre, 1843, 4.75×4.75ins folded
6. John Leech, ‘Young Troublesome,
or Master Jacky’s Holiday’, 1845, 6x5ins folded
7. Edward Ardizzone, ‘Mr Ardizzone presents
his toy theatre’, 1947, 6x5ins
8. Harold Jones, Father Christmas, 1935, 6×4.5ins
9. ‘Her First Bouquet’, 1868, 4.5x6ins

*10. Canal boat interior from ‘The Atom Secrets’, 1950, 3.75x5ins

*11. Webb’s Theatre, c.1880, 3.25x5ins

12. Webb’s Father Christmas, 1868, 4.5x6ins

13. Claud Lovat Fraser, ‘Light Cavalry’ from A Book of Toys, 1912, 3.75x5ins

14. Paul and Marjorie Abbatt, Car Puzzle, c.1934, 4x6ins


Greetings cardsAll supplied with good quality envelopes.
No text inside.£1.00 per card + envelope, including P&P*Nos.10 & 11 50p per card + envelope, including P&PToy Theatre PlaysThese plays are fun to cut out and play with at almost any age. Performing the plays requires some skills, and are probably best left to children of age 10 and upwards.Oliver Twist, complete play and theatre to make, four sheets in colour, each 27.5x19ins, also suitable for wrapping paper, and book of words of the play, as published by John Redington, c.1850. (photo of theatre made up with foamboard courtesy Sam Reed)

£6 in cardboard tube, including P&P


Black Ey’d Susan, complete play and theatre in black and white to make and words of the play and sheet of songs, published by Robert Lloyd, 1829. In a presentation envelope. (photo of theatre made with an ordinary cardboard box)

£7.50including P&P


Wrapping paper

Pantomime paper, from prints by Benjamin Pollock, size 27.5x19ins. This makes delightful wrapping paper, but is also suitable for cutting out and making up plays involving the stock Victorian pantomime characters, Harlequin, Columbine, Clown and Pantaloon, and a large number of policemen.

£1.00 per sheet (£5 minimum mail order in tube)
including P&P


Printing the Toy Theatre by David Powell, Jan Piggott, and Horatio Blood, paperback 80pp, fully illustrated in colour A4 size.

This book covers the intricate and fascinating story of how toy theatre plays, ‘Theatrical Portraits’ and their ‘tinsel’ ornaments were produced, coloured by hand and sold in London between 1811 and the 1960s. Essential for collectors, with many visual delights.

£14.95 including P&P







Wrapping paper from the play of Jack the Giant Killer, new for 2012. There are two more sheets with scenery, providing all but one of the sheets published in 1845 by J. K. Green, in their gorgeous original colours

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More scenery and ‘pantomime tricks’ for Jack the Giant Killer. The tricks replicate what was done in Victorian performances, when the scenery suddenly changed with hinged mechanisms, or objects changed from one thing to another, illustrating a joke or topical reference, such as the slow progress in building Nelson’s Column, included here.

The scenes from Jack the Giant Killer in wrapping paper format