The burner can constitute one swirler or a plurality of swirlers

The burner can constitute one swirler or a plurality of swirlers

A burner with one swirler generally provides a round cross section. A burner containing a plurality of swirlers might have any cross-section it is usually round or rectangular. Typically a plurality of burners are arranged coaxially all over axis of a gas turbine.

Per one embodiment a plurality of energy nozzles is actually distributed in said upstream third of duration of the swirl vane determined across the swirl axis, most ideally merely in the upstream quarter of stated size

In a preferred embodiment the burner under full-load injects gas from suction area or even the pressure side of at least one, better of all swirl vanes. Under limited load the gas injection could be staged as explained below.

In a really best embodiment, the fuel is injected on suction area plus the pressure side of each and every swirler vane, in other words. from both sides in the inserting swirl vane at the same time. This enables for a design with a reduced crucial swirl amounts and decreased force drop. The injection from the force part is driven from the circulation toward the minimum distance, for example. toward the swirl axis, therefore completing the radially inner the main annulus regarding the annular casing, while injections from the suction side is actually powered radially outward, thus filling the radially outer an element of the annulus. This will be a consequence of the discharge movement position in accordance with development that can end up being enhanced by having the trailing side running with bettering point through the axis, i.e. radially outwardly, progressively inside direction for the reason that the pressure side faces. The important swirl number sn with this design are lower as compared to regular designs to fill the radially interior and external regions.

Ideally, each stream slot, are created between circumferentially adjoining swirl vanes of show or plurality of swirl vanes, possess a gas entrance part that offers downstream-from the key border (typically over the upstream next or upstream half the swirl vane) and a gas-discharge region that extends upstream from the trailing border of its determining swirl vanes (typically along the downstream flow third or downstream half the swirl vane), wherein the energy is injected to the stream slot inside gas entry region, ideally during the (basic) upstream next of this swirl vane (for example. close to the leading edge) and/or preferably in a cross-flow injection.

The burner cross-section is defined by a limiting wall, which like types a can-like burner

It is wanted that the gasoline is actually injected by a number of energy nozzles, e.g. 4 to 12, preferably 6 nozzles, being preferably organized one adjoining another in radial way across the vane exterior or essentially parallel on the leading edge, when the gas nozzles tend to be round and/or tend to be elongated slot nozzles increasing in essence parallel to your leading edge regarding the swirl vane and/or comprise a primary nose for injections of liquid fuel, and/or an extra nozzle for shot of a gaseous fuel and a 3rd nozzle for shot of provider air, which encloses the very first nose and/or the 2nd nozzle.

Per a favored embodiment, the swirl vane is provided with soothing aspects, for introduction of cooling air through axial swirler specifically in order to avoid flashback. Ideally these soothing aspects are given by inner blood supply of air conditioning moderate along side sidewalls of the vane system (in other words. by giving the vanes with a two fold wall construction) and/or by movie air conditioning gaps, ideally located nearby the top or trailing advantage, and when many ideally the cooling details tend to be given with atmosphere through the company fuel feed additionally used in the fuel injections. A plurality of split outlet orifices or a plurality of nozzles are positioned next to the other person for introduction of air conditioning environment. Cooling atmosphere is likely to be launched through the sucking and/or the pressure area of a part of or of swirl vanes.

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