The tag needs to be put into a node at a suitable point along side highway, with

The tag needs to be put into a node at a suitable point along side highway, with

The tag cycleway =* could be used to explain any period lanes constructed in the carriageway or pattern paths working parallel for the carriageway.


sidewalk =* is employed to give information on footways (also called pavements/sidewalks) which might, or is almost certainly not from the highway.

Crossing details and obstacles

crossing =* may be used to show someplace where there business are provided to aid everyone crossing the road. crossing =* are open to explain whatever crossing utilizing one of many soon after beliefs: traffic_signals, uncontrolled, area or unmarked. Moreover, the feet =*, bike =*, pony =* tags could be used to show which settings can legally use the crossing. The supervised = yes label can help suggest that crossing try monitored at hectic era.

In which use of a freeway is restricted by some real buffer this could be indicated by the addition of a node tagged with boundary =* with the ideal importance (for instance: border_control, cycle_barrier, cattle_grid, gate, bollard, stile, toll_booth or turnstile). An access =* label may be put into supply details about which settings of transfer are influenced by the boundary. For a toll-booth the charge =* label can be used for give additional information.

Where a railroad crosses a street at quality utilize railroad = level_crossing , and use railway = crossing where a path crosses a railway.

For somewhere HookupDate reviews in which a lake or stream crosses a path or route without a bridge utilize ford =*. For a narrow watercourse showed making use of one way, a node must certanly be utilized. For a wide lake denoted because of the area waterway = riverbank , the ‘ford’ tag should-be put on the way comprising the complete period of the road whilst crosses the lake.

Busses and trams

Bus prevents along the way needs to be marked with interstate = bus_stop or using the newer public_transport = program which will be situated aside on the carriageway where passengers hold off. A tram working inside the primary carriageway should be marked with railway = tram for a passing fancy way as the highway. If tram incurs a different right-of-way to the side regarding the carriageway or in the central booking subsequently generate a .

Links and tunnels

Tips on links and in tunnels need shown by splitting just how in which the bridge starts and finishes, and marking the center ways as bridge = yes/viaduct or tunnel = yes . There is certainly some debate about how to identify link and tunnel portions along a road. One strategy is by using bridge:name =* and canal:name =* another is by using the recommended Bridge/tunnel relationship and can include the name of the connection within that relation. For mapping links, discover man_made = connection .

The level =* tag should typically be applied on one of the ways that mix utilizing a bridge or tunnel. a link will frequently feel marked with coating = 1 and a tunnel with layer = -1 although where junction is far more complex additional levels are expected. Where a road is actually above or below walk out a section might be tagged with embankment =* or cutting =*.


A Carriageway (Am.: highway) is comprised of a distance of roadway by which a vehicle is certainly not limited by any physical barriers or separation to maneuver laterally.

  • a roadway composed of one carriageway (bidirectional or one-way) try mapped utilizing a linear OSM-way.
  • a highway composed of several carriageway was mapped using another OSM-way per of the carriageways. Generally these are typically one-ways as twin carriageways.

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